"I have been in the industry a long time working in the foundry business so I've seen A LOT of shops and MVI ranks up there with the best I've ever seen in all my years."

Rob ( Purchasing Agent, Commercial Mining and Military Equipment )

"I recommend MVI for all the tough jobs that come through Engineering. They have a modern climate controlled facility with top notch equipment and experienced Machinists. I can't afford to trust any shop with our materials. From my perspective, I view MVI as a partner."

Richard ( Sr. Process Engineer, Centrifugal Foundry )

"MVI is a nice shop; there is no doubt about that. Their People do a really good job."

Doug ( Senior Buyer/Materials Manager, OEM Generator Manufacturer )

"MVI has always done an excellent job on the quality of their work. Their prices have always been in the ballpark of other machine shops."

Ray ( Procurement Supervisor, OEM Leader in the Oil & Gas Industry )

"My project was really difficult and unique. The Nuts were 50 feet up on top of the press, none of the specs were available from the OEM and I didn't know how we were going to reverse engineer the threads because there was a lot of wear and inconsistencies. When it was all done, the new Nuts fit great. MVI figured out a way to overcome the obstacles of my situation and because of that this press will be running for many years into the future."

Mike ( Maintenance Superintendent, OEM Paper Equipment Manufacturer )

"MVI would get an A on responsive customer service. This is manufacturing and things don't always go perfectly as planned; MVI would get an A on responding to unplanned problems that pop up. MVI has excellent product quality."

Ed ( Subcontract Buyer, OEM Mining Equipment Manufacturer )

"MVI did a good job climbing the learning curve. It didn't take MVI that long to get up to speed on this product line. Any time I ask Kerri a question, she responds very quickly. Any time we need a special delivery, MVI will make it happen."

Lance ( Strategic Subcontract Specialist, OEM Gearing Equipment )

"MVI is diversified; they're into a little of everything, which makes them unique."

Tony ( Supplier Development, OEM Leader in the Oil & Gas Industry )

"MVI is my first call. I use other shops occasionally, but MVI is on the top of my list."

Tom ( Senior Purchasing Officer, OEM Paper Equipment Manufacturer )

"MVI isn't the only vendor that can make parts for us; but MVI is one of the few vendors that can. Typically, we don't use these other vendors. MVI works with 2nd-tier suppliers for me, and I can just send a PO to MVI and its handled."

Al ( Chrome/Large Bore Cylinder Manager, OEM Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer )