Power Transmission Equipment

Power transmission is the flow of energy from its where it is generated to where it is converted to a useful resource, through mechanical devices. Most power transmission process involves mechanical devices or equipment. Mechanical power may be transmitted directly using a solid structure such as a driveshaft; transmission gears can adjust the amount of torque or force versus speed in much the same way an electrical transformer adjusts voltage versus current. This equipment deploys large gear boxes, brakes, and transmissions to accomplish this. In addition, Power Transmission equipment is often applied on solutions within many of the other industries which MVI is involved Mining, Oil & Gas,

Mid Valley’s Power Transmission Equipment Industry Applications:

  • Mining - Copper, Coal, Iron Ore, Salt, Phosphorous, etc.
  • Petroleum - Drilling, Fracturing, Pumping and Refineries
  • Paper, Pulp, Wood Fiber and Machine Drives
  • Conveyors - Gravel, Soil, Cement, Oil Sands
  • Ship Building and Marine Drives
  • Mixers - Agriculture, Grain Feed
  • Lock and Dam Components
  • Bakery, Food Processing, Medical
  • Plastics, Chemicals
  • Military

Mid Valley’s Power Transmission Equipment References:

  • Cams
  • Hollow Shafts
  • Gear Shafts
  • Gear s
  • End Covers
  • Housings
  • Gearbox Housings
  • Drive Shafts
  • PTO Drives