Power Generation Equipment

Power Generation Industries rely on the cutting-edge of clean, progressive and efficient energy production, therefore they need a manufacturer best suited for those qualifications while committing to high technology and quality control in their manufacturing processes.

This is where Mid Valley Industries, LLC excels.

Gas and steam turbine engines

Gas and steam turbines, available in a wide range of sizes, are commonly used for power generation via land, Off-shore, or Hydroelectric Power Plants, as well as mechanical drive applications. Steam turbines operate in thermal and nuclear power plants; used with gas turbines in combined-cycle power plants. Gas turbines are often favored for their flexibility; supplementing an existing plant. MVI has experience in several key components used in gas and steam turbines, Generators, as well as Electric Motors used in various applications. Mid Valley’s extensive fleet of precision lathes, fabrication resources, cylindrical grind capabilities, as well as our large milling fleet enable us to efficiently process many of the key components listed.

Military primary and Secondary Power Gen Sets

Military generators operate under the most extreme conditions, which include heat, bashing, kicking, thrusting, and cabin pressure, keeping you running smoothly no matter what unexpected events may develop. MVI has experience in producing products to Military and US Government specifications. MVI is ITAR compliant and our Traceability and Record Retention processes meet stringent Military requirements.

Mid Valley’s Power Generation References:

  • Motor heads
  • Motor frames
  • Housings
  • Shafts (Turbine, Quill, Generator, Motor)
  • Commutators
  • Spiders
  • Exciter Components
  • Endbells