Paper Manufacturing Equipment

Much of Mid Valley’s early years were spent supporting the various needs of the local paper industry providing precision components for paper industry equipment and paper manufacturing equipment.  MVI’s long lathes, cylindrical grind, VTL, precision balancing, and weld capabilities are all well suited towards the manufacturing of the large rolls used in most mills.  Today, much of the requirements are for roll repair and refurbishment.  MVI’s skilled staff of machinists works very efficiently from customer-supplied blueprints or specifications to repair and refurbish used rolls back to OE specification.

Many of the paper machine components MVI is experienced with include:

  • Chill/Heated Rolls
  • Idlers
  • Flexographic Plate
  • Sleeve Cylinders
  • Roll Shafts
  • Rubber Rolls
  • Machine Slide Frames
  • Pulp Fiber Processing Equipment
    • Fiber Throats and Screws
    • Extractor Plates