Oil Field Equipment

The Oil & Gas Industry focuses on domestic, international, and off-shore exploration, drilling, and production of crude oil and natural gas. Due to global oil consumption, the production and capacity demands on the major producers continues to grow and exceeds the capacity of the service providers focused mainly on this industry. In addition to supporting this industry in an overflow capacity, by leveraging our strategic position to many of the raw material providers for the special alloys used in this industry and focusing on turn-key solutions, MVI has formed long term business relationships with a number of major oil services companies in this industry. With the addition of hydraulic fracking, designs in all aspects of the industry are all becoming more sophisticated over time, both in mechanical and material terms. This inevitably increases the manufacturing challenges and demands care when selecting suppliers who can provide a consistent high quality and delivery performance.

MVI’s equipment fleet is specialized to service this industry. Our extensive range of precision lathes are well suited for machining of long complex down hole instrumentation carriers, mandrels, and fluid transport (PUP) products. Our range of VTL(s) with and without live tooling are well suited to machine mud-pump components, large gear blanks, and BOP components. We are approved on many OEM Vendor Lists to also provide welding and fabricating services for large mud-pump components, frac pump components, structural components, gearbox housings, etc. Our extensive Horiztonal BAR milling and HM1000 machining center is sized appropriately to enable us to machine large structural components, fluid ends, large connectors, laterals, pump housings, valve bodies, etc. MVI has extensive knowledge with most specialty threads used in the industry, including Acme, API, and other high precision threads.

In addition to an equipment list specialized for this industry, MVI has the extensive knowledge in the specialty alloys used in this industry, as well as the traceability and specification requirements for many of the coating, heat-treat, and surface preparation requirements. MVI has extensive experience with High Carbon steels (4130, etc.), Nickel/Chrome Alloys (CR13, CR25), Stainless Steels, Hastelloy, and Inconel (600, 625, 718). MVI has an established local supply chain to support our Oil & Gas requirements, including Gundrilling, Tree-panning, and honing, Phosphate coatings, Heat-Treat, Chrome coatings, MPI, NDT, and other finished product demands. This insures MVI can complete these products from raw material to turn-key finished product in a competitive lead-time.

Oil and gas will remain essential to the US economy for the foreseeable future. The supply chain supporting the US oil and gas industry is a significant and growing success story. It has substantial foreign earnings based on leading edge technology and the potential for continuing long after our own oil and gas resources are depleted. MVI is excited to have established a long-term position to support this industry with competitive high quality turn-key solutions.

Mid Valley’s Oil & Gas References:

  • Down-Hole Instrumentation (Mandrels, Carriers, etc.)
  • Housings
  • Connectors / Diverters / Valve Bodies
  • Pistons
  • Retainers
  • Protectors
  • Actuators
  • Manifolds
  • Fluid Ends
  • Fluid Mandrels / PUP(s)