What You Can Expect

With a team of over 100 employees operating out of a new 55,000 square foot state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility, we are committed to providing our employees with excellent working conditions.

Work/Life Balance:

  • Family-oriented
  • Flexible work week options
  • Company sponsored activities
  • Opportunities for overtime

Interesting Work:

State of the art equipment and 'one off' designs provide challenging variety on a daily basis.


Those closest to the problem typically have the best insight as to what to do. At MVI you are an integral part of our precision solutions.

Performance Evaluations:

Performance evaluations are provided as a communication tool allowing you to express your desired career path and discuss how you can best achieve your goals.

Competitive Salary:

Employee wages are reviewed periodically to ensure your pay reflects your current abilities and contribution to the company's success.