Welding & Metal Fabrication

In an effort to be able to provide value-add, turn-key custom fabrication services that enable us to fabricate complex geometries in place of castings, MVI has developed capabilities in welding, fabrication, dynamic balance, heat-treat, thermal stress relief, cylindrical grind, Wire EDM, and assembly. Welding and fabrication are integral parts of many of the custom manufacturing industries we serve. For example: MVI is capable of reverse engineering a casting, fabricating it and final machining in less time and cost than a foundry can reproduce that casting alone.

In addition, MVI has internal capabilities for Thermal and Vibratory stress relief for all fabrications. When looking for welding and fabrication companies to meet your custom fabrication needs that have a long track record of welding and fabricating success, look no further than MVI.

Other capabilities supporting our weld and fabrication capabilities include:

  • Heat Treating and Hardening
  • Thermal and Vibratory Stress Relieving
  • Glass Bead Blasting
  • Priming/Painting/Finishing
  • Plating/Coating/Rubber Covering
  • MPI, UT, X-Ray and Other NDA Testing

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